This is your home page. You will find all the information and assignments here. This is where you will find the wiki pages where you will post
any assignments.

This is your home page. You will find all the information and assignments here. This is where you will find the wiki pages where you will post any assignments.

This course will focus on embedding the learning of specific technology skills and tools into projects and assignments that are part of the curriculum.

These technology skills and tools will include
Internet Safety, basics and Ethics
Blogging, wikis, vodcasting, and other Web 2.0 Applications.

Class Rule

Respect your rights and the rights of others to learn.
Please be sure to ASK FIRST before using any games in the classroom. There is much research that games can be beneficial in many ways but there is a time and a place. You may not ever play any violent games in class.
"To know what is right and not to do it is the worst cowardice." Confucious

Grading Policy

Students will be assessed on computer skill development, activities, class projects, and non-academic behavior.

Funbrain (for your age group)
mind games

More keyboarding games

Outline of Classes

This is a tentative outline of our classes.


  • Guiding Questions: What are the issues with being online? How can I become a responsible citizen when using technology? How can I make others in my community aware of the importance of being a conscientious digital citizen and behaving appropriately when using technology and online resources?
  • Learning Objectives: Students will work in pairs to create a lesson based on one of the nine elements of digital citizenship.
Task 1
We will be watching the Video - Growing Up Online. While we watch you will be participating in a backchannel chat . Please remember that this is is chat to discuss the video we are watching. I will be asking questions as you watch the video. Login with the email address and password I gave you. When joining the chat - please use your real name - first only.
AFTER THE VIDEO - go to Falmouth MS Ning
To login - username is your school email address
The pw is your powerschool password

Write a reflective blog post about the entire video. The specific questions will be there -
click on the Gr 8 Tri 3 Group and under Discussion
click on Growing Up Online Video and follow directions.

Task 2
You will be working with partners to create a wiki page containing information about one of the nine elements of digital citizenship.

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship can be described as knowing how to behave appropriately and responsibly with regard to technology use.
Nine elements have been identified that together make up digital citizenship. These are:
  1. Digital Access : full electronic participation in society (Digital divide)
  2. Digital Commerce : the buying and selling of goods online
  3. Digital Communication : the electronic exchange of information
  4. Digital Literacy : the capability to use digital technology and knowing when and how to use it
  5. Digital Etiquette : the standards of conduct expected by other digital technology users
  6. Digital Law : the legal rights and restrictions governing technology use
  7. Digital Rights and Responsibilities : the privileges and freedoms extended to all digital technology users, and the behavioral expectations that come with them
  8. Digital Health and Wellness : the elements of physical and psychological well-being related to digital technology use
  9. Digital Security and Safety : the precautions that all technology users must take to guarantee their personal safety and the security of their network
(from the book 'Digital Citizenship in Schools' by Mike Ribble and Gerald Bailey)

Digital does not mean just computers - cell phones, TV, ipods - all digital.
If you get a message that you have a previous draft - always choose DISCARD THE DRAFT

identity theft
etiquette or literacy or law Parents sue school for role in "sexting" tragedy

Task 3

The video below will help you learn how to use Glogster

The action project
The action research project is a school based project in which you will take action to educate the rest of the school community about Digital Citizenship. Your project should be geared for a specific age-group.

With a partner, you will create a lesson based on the information you researched.

These are examples of projects done in other schools.

Woogi World Elementary Education - Ethan, Tinsley, Kunjan, Tyler, Brady, & Virginia

Find more videos like this on Digi Teen

Youtube Video Series - Daniel, Riley, Dustin C., Krysten, Austin H., Austin M
Virtual World Digital Citizenship and Superheroes Concept for Middle Schoolers - Trent H., Hope B., Jordan B., Sydnee S., Tanner B., Nolan R., Mason J. Tyler R., Pate C., Mason W., Miller S.

Our Projects

Nicole and SarahG

Mikey and Elena's Project

Day 1

Josh and Ian


For this unit you are to explore all aspects of what is called "Web 2.0".
Some topics you need to explore include:

  • Social Bookmarking (e.g. Diigo or Delicious)
  • RSS
  • Wikis
  • Social Networking

Task 1

What is Web 2.0? Watch the following video. Make sure you are able to explain the definition of Web 2.0

Task 2

Setting up an iGoogle page (RSS Reader)

Here we will learn how RSS (really simple syndication) works by setting up RSS readers and adding Widgets. First watch the video.

1. Go to the Falmouth Google page .

2. Sign in using your PowerSchool login and password.
3. Set up your acct. - click I accept. Create my acct.
4. We will modify the start page.

Widgets to add
  • eMail
  • Google docs
  • news feed - people, cnn, USA Today
  • Google calendar widget
  • Weather widget
  • A bookmarks/links widget
    • This wiki
  • Any others you wish to add (remember, this is a school account and anything you add should be appropriate!

Task 3
What exactly is a wiki?
Watch this video to find out more:
Wikis in Plain English Video

Animoto Project - There are 2 parts to this project -

The 1st part is to create an short video that represents you using pictures/images.

The 2nd part is to learn how to use a wiki. You will create your own wiki page and post your video there.

Go to Animoto and create a video that represents you. Use at least 10-12 pictures/images. YOU WILL USE THE FOLLOWING EMAIL TO REGISTER: For example:

DO NOT use your last name or your real birth date and use 04011 as the zip code.

The trick is to try and represent yourself in images. Try to come up with pictures of things you like, hobbies you have, pets, etc. Here is the information your Animoto should contain:
  • something that you do
  • something that you believe
  • something that you listen to
  • something that you like to eat
  • some place you want to be
  • something you want to be known for
  • something you cannot do without
  • something you would change (in your life, in the world)
  • something you want to know more about

YOU MUST HAVE THE URL FOR EACH PICTURE - Start a word document or a sticky. As you find pictures, copy the url to the doc or sticky. When you have all your pictures, take a screen shot of the url's (command, shift, 4) and upload that as one of your pictures.

To search for images use Google Advanced Image Search and next to Usage Rights choose - labeled for reuse.

The next step is to create your own wiki page and post the animoto video there.

Follow these directions
external image x-shockwave-flash.png Creating Wiki Page.swf

Posting directions:

Click on your video and then on the small blue box underneath that says - Video Toolbox (Share, Edit, Remix, etc)
Choose Embed
Click on the middle size.
Underneath should appear a code - Click on Copy
On your page, click the blue tv icon at the top of the page in the Editor toolbar.
On the left click on Video.
Click on other.
In the box, paste the code and save.
Go back to your page and save.
The video should appear.

A wiki is different than a regular web page. One of the main reasons we would use a wiki is to collaborate with others.
Post your page HERE - the directions are on the page.

You will be assigned a partner. Please post your video on their page and watch their video. Edit there page and write about what you think you have in common. Please read the online communication guidelines below - pay particular attention to the commenting guidelines near the end.


Task 4

Educational Networking

FMS Ning - This is the 7th and 8th grade site for discussion. It is an educational social networking site.
  • Go to your email
  • You should have a message from me - click on the link, wait for approval, click on 8th Grade Tri3 a Group
  • Go to My Page and fill in your profile - no personal information.
  • START a blog post. To start a blog post - go to the My Page tab, the on the left click on blog posts.
    Answer the following question:
    • Compare a social networking site, like Facebook, to this Ning (an educational social networking site) how are they the same and how are they different?

Falmouth MS Ning



Jing Project